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Itoku Akitas
(to benefit from ancestor's virtue)

We are a small home based kennel dedicated to ONLY the Akita.  As our name states, we are
developing a breeding program that benefits from ancestral characteristics, producing good
temperament and type.  Our goal is the continued preservation & perfection of the Akita Breed.
We are also interested in the acceptance of Japanese type along with American size and movement,
avoiding all hereditary weaknesses.

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Available Adults

We currently don't have any puppies or adults available, but please check back for future notices.

Thank you.

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Our Previous Liters:
    Kali and Cory Puppies, born 4 December 2003
    Bijon and Tiger Puppies, born 16 August 2002
    Kali and Kuma Puppies, born 30 October 2001
    Kali and Shere Khan Puppies, born 8 October 2000

Interesting Links:
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    Akita Temperament, author:  Sherry E. Wallis
    American Kennel Club
    Breeding, Whelping, and Rearing Puppies FAQ, author:  Liza Lee Miller
    Japanese/English Dictionary
         (once you are there, change the output to ROMAJI, then start your search)

    One Akita

is owned by Darlene Graves.

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Itoku Akitas is located in Pearl River, Louisiana