Play Time

            Sometimes we're just too cute.                  Bet you can't catch me..
            Ruby (4 mos) and Sachi (2 1/2 years).  
            (pictures taken 6 Apr 03)

                    Diamond at 5 weeks.  Precious moments with KoMichi and Sachi.

                                    Kali and Kuma puppies at 17 days old,
                        getting to know older brother Sachi and sister Ko-Michi.


                                            (pictures taken:  16 November 2001) 

  Kali and Bijon settling in for an short nap.                  Kali and Bijon, a moment of peace during play.

  Kali and Bijon, backyard play.                                   Elle, Ko-Michi, and Geisha

                        Halloween 2001

                            Sachi in his vampire duds and Ko-Michi in her bat wings.
                                    They were a hit with the neighborhood kids.

            Kali's Vacation in June 2001

Mount Rushmore, South Dakota                             Kali making friends with another young tourist at
                                                                              Mt. Rushmore (thanks for the pictures Matt)

Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming                       Crazy Horse, South Dakota


Smoki and Kali                                                  Ko-Michi and Sachi, at 6 1/2 months, with their daddy
                                                                         Shere Khan

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